Personal verification can be roughly categorised into ‘verification of memory’, ‘verification of physical characteristics’ and ‘verification of belongings’, and each of them has various options within their category. However, from the view point of ‘is it possible to reject impersonators without rejecting the real user whenever, wherever and whoever the user is?’, only Mnemonic Guard can be judged as ‘practical for general purpose’. It is also low cost, and will help protect the Achilles heel of our network society.
However robust encryption software is, its big downside is that its operational security strength can not be stronger than that of the user verification which comes before the encryption software.
Another weak point is encryption key management.
Cryptomnemo has solved both of these problems.
It creates an encryption key from Pass-symbols instantly when Mnemonic Verification, which provides verification security of several tens of bits, has been carried out, then the encryption key will be destroyed once the programme has finished.
Encryption key only exists whilst the programme is running and does not exist anywhere once the programme is finished, so there is no risk of it being stolen. This is the best software for saving classified data.
This is a privacy data anonymising operation system which fundamentally prevents intentional or accidental leakage of large amounts of personal information by insiders. Sensitive information including career, medical history, telephone call history and purchase history is divided into individual specific information and anonymous attribute information, and only the legitimate user can access the anonymous attribute information. It also integrates an anonymous communication network that strongly protects the source anonymity by an intervening anonymity router

Mnemonic Guard
CryptoMnemo for Windows
  Data encryption software, the encryption key of which will be destroyed when the program finishes and will be dynamically re-produced from sweet visual memories.
CryptoMnemo V2.0 for U3 Smart Drive

Install CryptoMnemo on a U3 smart drive, and it will allow you to securely carry classified information anywhere without minding the encryption key.


Thesis: Personal Verification Threatened ByFallacious Logic and Misconception

Anonymous P2P Communications Platform
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